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The Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce partnered with regional merchants and friends of Mono County to publish a series ofl summer editions of the Mono County Press, beginning on June 22, 2007. Referred to as "The Voice of the Eastern Sierra", the funds derived go into the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce general funds. These funds are used for functions, such as the Fourth of July Celebration, Founderís Day, Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Program, Scholarship fund and others. This is the draft of the 2nd Annual Edition!

This project benefits the regional business community, the tourists that are responsible for much of our income and those to whom we are able to give financial support.

The twenty-four page newspaper includes articles and photos on Mono County history in general. Articles highlight the wonderful array of year around recreational activities in Mono County. Local and regional events are described.

Fifty thousand (50,000) copies of The Mono County Press were distributed to merchants from Lone Pine to Gardnerville and Minden, Nevada. You can view the Mono County Press right here online!

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Please note that Hot Creek, near the Mammoth Lakes Airport, is closed to bathing until further notice, but remains open for fishing.

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